Top Achievers

Top Achievers are award-worthy personalities with a single common trait: an unflinching ability to provide value on the customer’s terms.


FE&S' 2019 Top Achievers

Entrepreneurial. Thoughtful. Humble. Each of FE&S’ 2019 Top Achievers possess these qualities and more. They all followed a different path to their current positions but  it’s these attributes, paired with an unwavering customer focus, that keep this group of five foodservice professionals at the top of their respective games. Indeed, it’s not only what they do but how they do it that positively impacts their customers, supply chain partners, companies and the overall foodservice industry.

Join us as we celebrate their accomplishments to date and their undoubtedly bright futures.

Top Achiever — Dealer
Charlie Fusari, CEO, Myers Restaurant Supply

Top Achiever — Consultant
Amy Hegarty, Principal, Foodservice Consultants Studio

Top Achiever — Operator
Angelo Mojica, Senior Enterprise Director Food  and Culinary Services, Johns Hopkins Health System

Top Achiever — Service Agent
Nick Cribb, President and Chief Operating Officer, SAM Service Inc.

Top Achiever — Manufacturers’ Rep
Karen Higgins, President, 4 Star Reps