Rotisserie Oven or Combi Oven: Which One is Right for Me?

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Alto-Shaam ovenWhen it comes to selecting the right oven to serve rotisserie-style chickens, there are many options, including the choice between a combi oven and a rotisserie oven.


Rotisserie ovens rotate the birds on a spit while cooking in convection heat. Rotisserie ovens are traditionally seen in grocery stores to cook chicken, but these ovens can also cook lamb, turkey, vegetables, and more with accessories.

Combi ovens feature a combination of convection heat and steam. These versatile ovens are used in delis to cook rotisserie-style birds, but they can also be used to smoke meats, cheese, and seafood. Combi ovens also roast, bake, dehydrate, steam, poach, and more.

What’s new

Alto-Shaam is showcasing its newest technology in rotisserie ovens at NAFEM 2017. The new electric rotisserie oven will be featured in the What’s Hot, What’s Cool® section.

New features include:

  • Self cleaning  to reduce labor
  • Automatic grease collection for increased safety and labor reduction
  • 7 browning levels
  • Touchscreen controls

Alto-Shaam’s CT PROformance™ combi oven line features similar time- and labor-saving technologies, including self-cleaning, automatic grease collection, and touchscreen controls.

Which option is best?

Rotisserie ovens and combi ovens have many advantages, but selecting the right oven depends on individual needs. If a deli’s sales are focused on rotisserie chickens, it might be best to pair a rotisserie oven (or two) with a heated shelf merchandiser to meet demand or to increase sales. But if a deli has more focus on scratch cooking supplemented by rotisserie chicken sales, a combi oven may be more advantageous.

With food, labor and energy costs on the rise, Alto-Shaam provides versatile, consistent and efficient system solutions that are essential to profitable foodservice operations around the globe. Attend A Taste of Alto-Shaam for a hands-on demonstration and to speak with an expert about customizable foodservice equipment solutions.