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Maintaining a Beverage Dispenser

It's important to follow cleaning procedures on a regular basis or the quality and taste of beverages may be compromised.

Especially when used in the front of house for self-service applications, beverage dispensers also can be considered as merchandising tools. For this reason, it's important that these units are properly cleaned and maintained.

Foodservice operators can perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will help keep beverage dispensers operating at an optimal level, while ensuring a long service life. Keep in mind that unit needs may vary, and manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.

  • On a daily basis, staff should remove the nozzles and diffusers and soak them in warm, soapy water.
  • At the end of the day wipe down exterior surfaces with soap and water to remove any build-up and/or spills. Refrain from using cleaners with a high chlorine content on stainless steel, as they may cause rust.
  • Regularly flush and clean water lines.
  • Each month, clean and wash ice bins.