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Future Foodservice Leaders

Identifying new and talented leaders is essential for the survival of most any industry and foodservice is no exception. Each segment of the foodservice industry needs to continue to attract and cultivate new leaders and encourage new ideas so the community can collectively evolve in its pursuit to satisfy consumers' ever-changing dining habits.

While most segments of the foodservice industry bemoan the lack of new talent entering the arena, the fact remains that a number of fresh faces are slowly starting to take root and even blossom in the foodservice industry. What's interesting to note is that there seems to be no single point of entry into the industry. Some start in foodservice as a way of earning some extra money during their adolescent years before discovering it is their true vocation. For others, foodservice enters their professional picture after establishing a career in another industry, such as working in the financial markets or even in the military. Some pursue different educational paths before turning to a career in foodservice while others simply follow their family into the business.

Such is the case with the 11 up and coming foodservice leaders profiled on the next few pages. While they each have traveled their own unique path into the industry the ties that bind them are their passion for foodservice and their willingness to give back to the community. We hope that you find their take on the industry both thought-provoking and enlightening.

Tamara Almquist
Michael Berard
Jameel Burkett
Greg Christian
Gene Clark
Joe Ferri Jr.
Melissa Greenwald
Michael Kmec
Lisa Krausman
Mark Rossi
Michael Via