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CFESA's Preventative Maintenance Tips for Steamers

The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) offers the following technical tips to allow foodservice operators and their supply chain partners to troubleshoot and repair simple problems involving steamers.

  • Check filtration system is clear
  • Check door gaskets and latches for tight fit
  • Check that water is running out of drain at all times if applicable
  • Check that timer turns on and off properly
  • Drain broiler, or reservoir after each day's use to prevent scale buildup
  • Clean with soapy water only
  • Delime as directed by manufacturer's directions and water conditions and change anodes with each delime
  • Check for leaks on a quarterly basis

Additional tips are available at

These tips are not intended for major repairs, please contact a CFESA trained technician if the problem cannot be corrected.