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Service Tips: Hot Holding Units

Long a mainstay of the catering world, hot holding units continue to gain traction in restaurants seeking to offer high-quality food to off-premises guests. Here are a few tips to keeping these units working well.

  • Hot holding cabinets get moved often for catering operations. During moving, be sure to keep the power cord clear of the casters. If not, the cord can get pulled loose or otherwise damaged.
  • Gaskets are a major point of emphasis for all health inspectors. Keep an eye on the gaskets of hot holding units to make sure they maintain a good seal with the door. This is especially important for units used to hold off-premises orders, which get opened and closed frequently.
  • With all the food that goes in and out of these units, staff should clean this equipment frequently. Use a nonabrasive cleaner and cloth on stainless steel and remove any shelving from the interior for thorough cleaning.
  • Keep all vents and fans clean and clear. Among the problems these can cause are a burnt out control panel, which can cost a good percentage of the equipment’s initial purchase price.