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Service Tips: Flat top Griddles

Countertop griddles can be small enough to work in a food truck or large enough to be the workhorses of major brick-and-mortar operations. Here are a few tips for maintaining these pieces of equipment.

  • To prevent corrosion, countertop griddles, like all griddles, need to be seasoned before their first use and after cleaning. Simply pour about one ounce of cooking oil per square foot on the cooking surface and spread evenly.
  • Countertop griddles can often be placed on stands with casters, which can make cleaning and maintenance easier. If a unit is moved for any reason, it should be releveled to ensure proper performance. See your owner's manual for leveling instructions.
  • Empty a griddle’s grease trap at least once a day and clean the surface regularly, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Poor cleaning practices can lead to carbonized grease on the griddle’s surface. This grease can lower cooking efficiency and make food look less appealing.
  • Check a griddle’s flue daily and remove any obstructions, which can impact performance.