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Service Tips: Microwave Ovens

Their ease of use and versatility make microwave ovens popular pieces of equipment among foodservice operators of all sizes. Here are five tips to keep these kitchen workhorses galloping ahead.

Microwave ovens are probably the easiest piece of cooking equipment to use in a professional kitchen. Practically everyone has one, so everyone knows how to use them. This doesn’t mean a microwave’s proper operation should be taken for granted. These units can break down with age and poor use. Here are five tips to keep a foodservice operation’s microwave running as smoothly as possible.

  • Clean the interior or your microwave frequently. Use a damp cloth and a cleaning product recommended by the unit’s manufacturer or your service agent. Avoid strong chemical cleaners.
  • Visual inspections can help extend a microwave’s life. Check the oven’s cord regularly for fraying or other damage. Keep an eye out for burn holes in the cooking chamber. If you see one, stop using the unit and call your service agent.
  • Train your staff to close the microwave door without slamming it. Slamming can cause damage to the hinges and to the locking mechanism, both of which will require a visit from your service agent.
  • Call a service agent if you hear your microwave making any unusual sounds or operating loudly. These are signs of possible breakdown on the horizon.
  • Be careful cleaning the outside a microwave, especially around the control panel. As always, water can ruin electronics. Wipe it down only with a damp - not drenched - cloth.