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13 Trends and Issues to Watch in 2013: Generational Shifts

With Milllennials growing into their adult years, many flock to the restaurant industry in search of fine food and drink and socialization opportunities, but also for employment.

4Food4Food"One of the interesting things about Millennials is that they are coming of age in droves, so they are having a huge impact on the adult-beverage part of the business," says Chapman (Technomic follows the U.S. Census Bureau's definition of millennials as born between 1977 and 1994). "They're also diverse and expected to be the most educated generational group ever. And they are entering or well into the family and household stage of life."

Technomic also found that Millennials are more likely to use and appreciate retail foodservice, such as at supermarkets or convenience stores. Operators looking to compete in this market are best to focus on integrating features and designs that meet social needs and more practical ones like convenience, while at the same time zeroing in on quality and value, says Chapman.

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