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FE&S to Host Pair of Educational Seminars at NRA

Foodservice Equipment and Supplies editor Joe Carbonara will moderate a pair of panel discussions at the upcoming NRA Show in Chicago. Here is a brief overview of each session.

Improving Supply Chain Performance, 12 p.m., May 23

This session will explore the way foodservice equipment dealers can better work with supply chain partners to deliver excellent customer service to operators. Christopher Pierson, vice president of real estate and construction, Wow Cafe and Wingery; Juan Martinez, principal, Profitality and Lorna Kirsh, director, nutrition and dietetics, Indiana University Health will share insights on the biggest mistakes dealers make when calling on them, identify those practices that add value and explore ways the supply chain can better work together.

The Truth and Consequences about Energy Star and LEED, 12p.m., May 24

While Energy Star and LEED are two environmentally oriented terms that every foodservice professional is familiar with, few really understand what these designations mean and how they can impact their businesses. This session will cut through the green washing and discuss the current state of the Energy Star and LEED programs, outlining what foodservice operators and their supply chain partners need to know as they work together to help the restaurant lessen its impact on the environment, lower operating costs and maintain or enhance customer service levels. Panelists for this presentation include: David Harpring, director of global engineering and sustainability for Yum! Brands; Lisa Kennedy director of design and development for Bridgeman foods, a Wisconsin-based company that operates more than 320 restaurants as a franchisee; and Richard Young, senior engineer/director of education for the Food Service Technology Center.