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Service Tips: Glasswashers

Popular in bars and restaurants with strong bar programs, glasswashers allow operations to quickly clean glasses in large batches.

A poorly operating unit can lead to customers getting dirty glasses and thus hurt the operation’s reputation, while a broken unit can severely disrupt work behind the bar. Follow these steps to keep your glasswasher working properly.

  • Train kitchen staff to thoroughly scrape glasses as needed. A cherry stem or lime wedge should never end up in a glass washer. Among other problems, these can block the unit’s drain.
  • Choose the right cleaning solution with the help of the unit’s manufacturer or a provider of cleaning products. Dishwasher detergent is not suitable for commercial glasswashers.
  • Clean the rinse arms on glass washers regularly. Look to your owner’s manual for frequency and instructions.
  • Regularly delime the interior of a glasswashers. Look for signs of mineral buildup on the rinse arm and interior cleaning chamber.