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Sales of Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Increase in the Second Quarter

Sales of foodservice equipment and supplies increased 1.8 percent in the second quarter of 2018, per the MAFSI Business Barometer. First quarter sales increased 1.5 percent. MAFSI members project a 2.2 percent sales increase for the third quarter of 2018.

Looking at the sales growth by product type, furniture rose 2.3 percent, equipment and supplies were up 1.8 percent and tabletop was up 1.0. By region, sales in the south were up 3.2 percent, Midwest 1. percent, and the West 1.7 percent. Sales in the Northeastern U.S. were flat. And sales in Canada increased 0.3 percent.

In terms of quoting activity, 44 percent of reps report an increase and 42 percent report this measurable holding steady. Only 14 percent of reps report a decline in quoting activity. Looking at consultant activity, only 15 percent of reps report a decline, compared to 31 percent that report an increase in this area. Fifty two percent of reps report no change in consultant activity.