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Fisher-Nickel Changes Name to Frontier Energy

Its name may have changed but Fisher-Nickel’s goals in the foodservice industry remain the same. In January of this year, Fisher-Nickel merged with Bevilacqua-Knight (BKi) and Davis Energy Group to form to Frontier Energy.

While the Fisher-Nickel name will be retired, its team will continue to provide energy efficiency solutions for the commercial foodservice industry along with operating the website for the PG&E Food Service Technology Center.

In addition, the PG&E Food Service Technology Center will host a seminar on July 18 in San Diego. The program, entitled Putting the Kitchen of the Future to the Test, looks at the results from a couple of the restaurants that participated in the FSTC’s CEC Cookline Project. The participating restaurants worked with FSTC to swap out some of their existing foodservice for newer, more energy efficient models. In this free session the restaurant operators and the FSTC will share the results and some surprising lessons learned.