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Irinox To Move Its U.S. Headquarters

Italian-owned foodservice equipment manufacturer to move its U.S. headquarters to Florida.

As of February 1, Irinox USA will have a new home. The manufacturer of commercial blast chillers and shock freezers will move to Miami, Fla., from its current home of North Easton, Mass.

“It is a strategic move for us. South Florida, besides being a very attractive business area for many multinational companies, is enjoying a boom time,” said Ronald van Bakergem, president of Irinox USA, which is owned by Italy-based Irinox SPA. van Bakergem joined Irinox USA last fall, coming over from Spanish manufacturer Infrico.

The new location will permanently stock all of the manufacturer’s major parts and feature a new service department and state-of-the art test kitchen, the latter of which van Bakergem expects to be operational by March 1. “We will have products from multiple industry partners, such as Rational and Giles Hood Systems, promoting their products in addition to equipment from Irinox.

“We will also keep our test kitchen in our Northeastern facility,” van Bakergem added. “This will allow customers from New York, New Jersey and New England to drive in for live demos. And this is in addition to the multiple test kitchens our reps operate around the country.”

To better serve customers in other parts of the country, Irinox plans to open several distribution centers in the next couple of years, van Bakergem added. “We are dramatically improving our logistics to keep providing outstanding customer service.”

Tim Murray remains the culinary director and vice president of sales for the Italian owned company and a new team of employees will work in the Miami office. Longtime Irinox executive Ira Kaplan will continue to work with the company as a product ambassador, working with van Bakergem and other members of the team.

As of February 1, here is the new contact information for Irinox USA:

Irinox U.S.A.

9990 Northwest 14th Street

Suite 107

Miami, Fla., 33172