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Q4/13 MBB Continued Moderate Growth Trend with Gain of 4.8% over Q4/12

MAFSI reps exceeded both Q4/13 Forecast of 4.1% and overall 2013 forecast of 4.7%.

The MAFSI Business Barometer registered a 4.8 percent growth rate for the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same time frame in 2012. This represents .7 percent more than MAFSI members' forecasted growth for the quarter.

MAFSI reps forecast 3.1 percent growth for the first quarter of 2014, citing the severe winter as one reason for this anticipated sales performance. Still, reps project industry sales will increase 4.9 percent in 2014.

On a regional basis, fourth quarter sales in the west increased 6.9 percent, followed by 5.8 percent in the South, 4.4 percent in the Northeast, 3.8 percent in the Midwest and 2.9 percent in Canada.

By product type, sales for 2013's fourth quarter saw equipment and tabletop sales each increase 5 percent and supplies and furnishings post 3.4 percent increases in sales.

In addition, 54 percent of reps report quoting more business, up from 42 percent in the previous quarter. Fifty percent of reps report more consultant activity compared to 43 percent last quarter.