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Who's Juicing: The Detox Trend Continues

Juicing remains a popular dining trend, one that allows consumers to embrace their desire to partake in better-for-you food items. Here is a brief overview on how a variety of foodservice operators continue to capitalize on this trend.

  • Juice Generation, New York City: fresh pressed juices and take-home detox blends
  • Starbucks: Evolution line of ready-to-go green and fruit juices
  • Creative Juice, New York City (pictured): a juice bar and line of cold-pressed juices to go at Equinox fitness facilities
  • Freshens, nationwide: fresh fruit and other juices
  • Robeks, nationwide: various fresh-squeezed juices including the King Kale, with greens, cucumber and carrots
  • Keva Juice, Albuquerque, N.M.: fresh-squeezed fruit juices and detox drinks
  • Leaf Organics, Los Angeles: detox juices and blends to go
  • Red Star Tavern, Portland, Ore.: Kick Starter juice with kale, apple, celery, ginger

Creative JuiceIn addition, various independent restaurants, particularly in metropolitan areas, that serve brunch now offer fresh-squeezed and pressed fruit and vegetable juices, plus customizable blends.