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Major General Hill Awards Names Food Service Specialist of the Year

Russo earns recognition for his efforts in the Marine Corps' foodservice program.

Marine Corporal Daniel Russo was named the 2013 Food Service Specialist of the Year by the Major General Hill Awards Program.

Cpl. Russo, originally from Watertown, Mass., has been an active member of the USMC since January 2011. Over the past year Russo has been assigned to the 25th Marine Regiment, HQ CO Mess Chief where he supervises more than 13,800 meals being prepared for all drill and annual events. During his unit's annual training exercise, Russo established a field mess and led 15 Marines in support of 8,400 meals and supported the July 4 holiday meal for all elements of the operation.

Russo received his award as part of this week's Armed Forces Forum for Culinary Excellence hosted by the National Restaurant Association Military Foundation. This year 30 military personnel including Airmen, Marines and Navy personnel will receive a week of culinary training to further enhance their military foodservice expertise.
"The National Restaurant Association is proud to support our active servicemen and women and military veterans and help shape them into future restaurant leaders," said Art Myers, National Restaurant Association Military Foundation board member. "The military community is a vital part of the restaurant industry and the Major Gen. W.P.T. Hill Awards is our way of honoring Cpl. Russo and the men and women before him who have been shining examples of excellence in foodservice."