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Second Quarter Equipment and Supplies Sales Surge 6.1 Percent

MAFSI Members report increased quoting activity, too. 

Foodservice equipment and supplies sales for the second quarter of 2013 increased by 6.1 percent compared to the same period in 2012, according to data from the Business Barometer released by the Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry. This represents the single largest gain in the 11-year history of the MAFSI Business Barometer, according to the association. MAFSI members had projected a 3.1 percent increase in sales for the period.

And it would appear that reps anticipate sales activity to remain just as active in the coming months as MAFSI members forecast 6 percent growth for the third quarter of this year. Fueling this optimism is the fact that 48 percent of reps report an increase in consultant activity vs. 25 percent one year ago. And 58 percent of reps report they are quoting more vs. 39 percent during the same time frame a year ago.

Looking at results by region, sales increased by 6.8 percent in the Midwest and Canada, 6 percent in the West, 5.9 percent in the Northeast and 4.7 percent in the South.

Sales by product type: equipment gained 6.8 percent, supplies 5.2 percent, tabletop 3.9 percent, and furnishings 3.1 percent.

Taking a closer look at equipment, sales of refrigeration and ice machines increased 6.5 percent, cooking equipment 6.3 percent, food preparation equipment 5.4 percent, storage and handling 4.1 percent, washing and sanitation 4.1 percent, serving equipment 3.6 percent, and ventilation equipment 3.3 percent.