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MAFSI Business Baromter Forecasts Steady Growth for Q1 2013

Q4 2012 met predicted growth.

The MAFSI Business Barometer forecasts growth of 3.6 percent for the first quarter of 2013. This comes after the independent reps reported a 3.8 percent sales increase for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Additionally, 44 percent of reps report they are quoting more, while only 22 percent are quoting less; 32 percent of reps report more consultant-related activity while only 17 percent report less.

For the fourth quarter ot 2012 the regional sales increases include: 4.2 percent in the Northeast, 3.9 percent in the Midwest, 4.6 percent in the South, 2.7 percent in Canada and a slim gain of 2.5 percent in the West.

By product type: equipment rose 4.2 percent, supplies 3.6 percent, tabletop 2.8 percent, and furnishings 2.2 percent.

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