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FE&S LEED and Energy Star Webcast Follow Up Questions

Is there a website that will list rebates available in the Tri-State area (meaning, N.Y., N.J. and Pa.) and the equipment that can earn you those rebates?

RY: The Energy Star website has a national rebate finder that can help locate food service rebates across the U.S.

Fishnick data is not always up to date. How can manufacturers make sure their products are fairly represented?

RY: A: The rebate data on the FSTC website is updated regularly. If you find that something is not current, please contact David Zabrowski and we will resolve the issue.

Can foodservice equipment only be used to qualify for EA credits or can they qualify in any other category?

TS: Foodservice equipment can also be used to qualify for certain WE (Water Efficiency) credits and prerequisites. Currently, WEc4 Process Water Use Reduction in the LEED for Schools rating system and WEc3 Water Use Reduction in the LEED for Retail rating system offer the most opportunity for including foodservice equipment in water calculations.

Energy Star Questions

How frequently does the Energy Star list of certified products get updated?

DZ: Currently Energy Star updates the list every other week but the system is being upgraded and in the near future, the list will be updated three times per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With Energy Star standards changing all of the time, how can a restaurant owner be confident that the Energy Star product they purchase today will be considered Energy Star efficient five years from now?

RY: Energy Star recognizes the most efficient appliances. As more appliances become efficient and meet those standards, Energy Star raises the bar so that they spotlight the top 25 percent of performers. In the same way the cars of the future will use less gas, foodservice equipment of the future will use less energy. But, those cars or appliances don't exist yet — all you can do is buy the most efficient appliances available today. Energy Star guides you to those appliances.

Why are water-cooled ice machines not included in Energy Star? Is this something we can expect in the future?

RY: Water-cooled ice machines are not currently included because of the potential water waste of once-through cooling systems. If all ice machines were on a closed loop system, then there might be an Energy Star category for them. Until then, they will not be included in Energy Star.

Can the highest rated Energy Star equipment ever lose its high rating because Energy Star has changed its qualifications?

RY: A piece of equipment that qualifies for Energy Star does not lose its certification after it is purchased and the Energy Star levels change. In other words, nobody is coming to your restaurant to remove the Energy Star sticker. However, as equipment gets better and the Energy Star requirements become more stringent, appliances that do not meet the revised Energy Star criteria will not be Energy Star qualified. Energy Star is based on current performance of a new piece of equipment against current criteria.

Do manufacturers actually like Energy Star? Or do they see it as an annoyance?

RY: Energy Star has given manufacturers an unbiased rating body that qualifies their equipment as energy efficient. It removes the marketing hype and reduces green-washing. For manufacturers with truly efficient equipment, this has been helpful.