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  • Why Holding Equipment is Vital to the “New Normal” in Foodservice

    To say that the novel coronavirus pandemic has made a significant impact on the foodservice industry would be an understatement. Well-established norms and what little predictability we had before is now long forgotten.

  • Open vs. Pressure Frying: Chef Gregg Keeps it Real

    As an operator, investing in equipment for a new kitchen can be overwhelming. To help with your fryer decision, Corporate Executive Chef of Henny Penny, Gregg Brickman, gives a thorough analysis of an open or pressure fryer.

  • Top Frying Mistakes: What’s Harming Your Oil?

    Frying oil is one of the most expensive food items in your kitchen. If you are not protecting your fryer oil, you are wasting it. Fortunately, we know precisely which elements can harm your oil, and how to avoid or, at the very least, combat these common oil “enemies.”

  • Space$aver Team Combi Oven

    Henny Penny

    henny penny 4580 hsFree up kitchen floorspace with our compact Space$aver Team combi. The single unit replaces bulky steamers, grills and convection ovens, providing the versatility of two combi ovens in one footprint. The Space$aver features a 12-pan capacity, two durable touch screens with hundreds of recipes and apps, and precise humidity control. To free up ventilation space, the Space$aver is available

  • Open vs. Pressure Frying: Differences and Similarities

    Shopping for the right equipment can be GREAT (so many choices!!) and HARD ( many choices...). The fryer is a critical piece of equipment that often throws operators for a loop and raises the subsequent question: ‘Open fryer or pressure fryer?’.