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It’s Good for Businesses to Do Business with Structural Concepts

According to Cook Unity, with cost-effectiveness a growing concern, some in-house food service providers and large office cafeteria real estates are too expensive to maintain, especially when employees have embraced more flexible work models. Conversely, lack of variety, rising prices, and lack of authenticity are cited as the main reasons why there is a decline in employee cafeteria participation.

Still, more companies are investing in some form to support kitchen & dining spaces to benefit employees and drive engagement.  Structural Concepts has long been out in front of this movement by providing adaptable, multi-purpose merchandising options ranging from full service to grab & to go to micromarkets that fit any space and adhere to any onsite requirements to display fresh food selections and drive sales.  

Structural Concepts chart stack horiz 900x292Chart Stack Source: Food in the Workplace Survey Reveals Food Perks Influence Millennials

By helping businesses rethink their foodservice programs, Structural Concepts can streamline employee dining room traffic flow as well as provide surpluses to food deserts on corporate campuses with a variety of solutions.   

The range of applications includes visually appealing service cases of different capacities that complement existing menus and visually interact with customers providing a high level of service and satisfaction.  Also available is a full complement of self-service options including wall units, endcaps, islands, mobile models, and undercounter units that utilize valuable cafeteria space.  


The manufacturer can also reduce the need for additional staffing while still increasing foodservice participation with customizable solutions that are designed with busy employees in mind with a portfolio of merchandisers that stimulate sales by offering a variety of grab & go options to accommodate modern consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle and desire to make speedy selections and transactions.   

To stimulate employees and increase retention, some companies are creating spaces where staffers can grab a quick bite and take a coffee break when they need to recharge is a growing trend on business campuses.  Leveraging these temporary or make-shift areas as incremental opportunities to increase foodservice sales, Structural Concepts’ mobile refrigerated self-service displays on casters use less floor space by displaying product vertically instead of horizontally and can be easily pushed up against shelving, walls, columns, or used back-to-back.


And with less than 30% of companies offer an on-site, formal cafeteria or some form of dining area, Structural Concepts can solve for business campus food deserts by delivering convenient and turnkey display solutions that perform at the highest level featuring the award-winning Autonomous Retail Merchandiser (ARM). 

The ARM offsets labor and operational challenges with a cashier-less transactional system and the ability to streamline inventory management. Built-in Automated Checkout technology allows shoppers to browse products directly on the shelf, have their selections automatically added to the cart, and pay with credit/debit and mobile payment for faster transactions. For the operator, the autonomous solution tracks inventory and requires less labor, resulting in increased productivity.

Not only is Structural Concepts the preferred merchandiser manufacturer to design and offer a complete smart solution for autonomous shopping. The ARM has the lowest total cost of ownership as compared to other automated models in the market in key areas including the lowest energy consumption, lowest fees, and lowest labor costs, while still generating the most profitability.   

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Whether it be identifying more ways to be the most reliable and advanced foodservice resource to our customers, designing and building merchandisers that last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs, or an unparalleled commitment to providing technical support, Structural Concepts delivers food display solutions when and where you need them to perform at the highest level.