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Cocktails on Tap is On Trend

With continued dramatic cost pressures in the foodservice industry today, many operators are searching for solutions to raise revenue ahead of cost without adding complexity. This, along with customers' rising demand for on-premise alcohol options, has created a unique challenge for operators. One solution that an increasing number of operators are taking advantage of is batch cocktails. By preparing these beverages in bulk and providing them to customers on tap, efficiency is greatly enhanced, and the need for labor to concoct each drink is substantially reduced.

Micro Matic cocktails on tapTraditional single-serve cocktails are timeless, but putting them on tap elevates them to present your clients with great, ready-to-drink beverages.

The NRA report reveals there are a number of trends driving the batch cocktail segment. The National Restaurant Association's On the Menu: Trends in On-and Off-Premises Beverage Alcohol report states that 42% of adults aged 21 and over say the availability of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, or cocktails makes them more likely to choose one restaurant over another similar restaurant. More than eight in 10 cocktail drinkers would like discounted drinks during less busy days or times at the restaurant, while 80% would like to order drinks made with locally-produced distilled spirits, according to the report.

There are many benefits. Making cocktails in bulk is a money saver, plus this method makes it easier to include and promote local brands, NRA's report states. With 80% of those surveyed saying they would participate in events at the restaurant that offer a selection of cocktails or mixed drinks for customers to sample, it makes sense to provide these beverages on tap in smaller quantities. In addition, with 77% wanting to order smaller tasting-sized cocktails or mixed drinks from the menu, cocktails on tap easily fulfills these requests.

Finally, with alcohol-to-go programs on the rise (NRA reports that to-go cocktails are available at about seven in 10 full-service restaurants that offer alcohol to-go), it makes sense to include batch cocktail programs.

More restaurants and bars are including kegged cocktails in their operations. In fact, the overall keg market is expected to grow by 4.5% between 2023 and 2033, reports NRA, as customers can enjoy a variety of options from one customizable dispensing unit.

Micro Matic cocktail line upA pre-batched kegged cocktail on tap, whether it’s a Manhattan, mojito or mimosa, allows bartenders to serve drinks consistently and in a fraction of the time, no matter who’s working the bar.

As people's palates are changing and they are seeking more beverage options, traditional taps used for beers are making way for cocktails, wine, and even non-alcoholic options such as cold brew coffee and kombucha.

With cocktails on tap, labor costs are cut by as much as 20%, addressing one of the foodservice industry's biggest challenges. Although batch cocktails are similar to individual drinks, the proportions are scaled to meet the needs of your bar or restaurant. While average cocktails are typically around 6 ounces, a standard 5-gallon keg can hold 640 ounces. That's more than 100 cocktails in every batch.

One of the operators' issues with traditional cocktail programs is time of service. Bartenders and servers can quickly get overrun with orders causing extended delays in service. Because draft cocktails are pre-batched prior to service, bartenders have reduced steps during service, and speed is greatly enhanced. This efficiency provides customers with a much better on-premise beverage experience. Plus, their favorite cocktail will always meet their expectations. When there are improvements to volume, speed of service, and quality, profits will also improve.

 Micro Matic SpinStickUsing our patented SpinStick™ technology, your cocktails will be continuously blended, preventing nearly any recipe from separating or settling.

Micro Matic, a pioneer in the industry, provides a wide range of keg-to-glass technology designed for tap cocktail programs. Traditional methods like gas burping or shaking batch products have proved inefficient and ineffective. Using Micro Matic's patented SpinStick™ technology, cocktails will be continuously blended, preventing nearly any recipe from separating or settling. Operators drop the FDA-compliant SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank with any batch recipe and place the tank on top of the proprietary motor base. Within moments, a gentle vortex will form, constantly stirring the cocktail. Micro Matic's mixing base system runs up to four mixer bases in a series.

Micro Matic's team of perfect pour experts is dedicated to finding the right solution for your beverage needs. From craft beer to nitro cold brew coffee, we're here to support all your on-tap needs — and craft cocktails are no exception. To learn more about how you can introduce cocktails on tap in your business, contact us today!