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Polar King and KE2 Therm Solutions: Partnering for Energy Efficiency

Polar King IMG 1690 1The KE2 Therm Solutions control panel on a Polar King walk-in.Energy expenditures are a significant factor in every foodservice operation’s costs, so energy-efficient equipment is a necessity. 

To help operators keep their refrigeration costs down, Polar King is partnering with KE2 Therm Solutions to include their energy-efficient technology in Polar King coolers and freezers. 

The KE2 Therm Solutions system has an intelligent algorithm with the controller that runs the refrigeration system. It maximizes the system’s efficiency by monitoring the ambient room temperature and the evaporator coil, triggering a defrost only as necessary. That’s unlike most systems, which defrost at arbitrary times during the day, whether the unit needs it or not. 

The more precise temperature control means that stored product maintains its integrity longer, and the system’s remote monitoring capability helps alert the operator to any potential issues.

But that’s just one of the ways Polar King coolers and freezers help an operator keep their energy costs down. Unlike traditional metal panel boxes, they’re constructed from seamless, one-piece fiberglass which makes them leakproof and weather resistant. Outside temperatures don’t affect the Polar King units because fiberglass does not conduct heat, so the unit stays cooler. 

All Polar King walk-ins arrive fully assembled and are backed by a five-year warranty on the compressor and 12-year warranty on the entire structure. This combination of durability, convenience and energy efficiency are why Polar King walk-ins are the choice of smart operators.