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The Pizza Restaurant Dynamic Duo: Save on Labor & Ingredients with this Equipment Combo

There is new equipment for pizza operations that are tired of throwing away ingredients – and tossing out potential profit because of it.

With rising ingredient prices and ongoing labor shortages, each shred of cheese and square foot of kitchen space are more vital than ever.

When every piece of equipment needs to do more than pull its weight, products that build off of each other’s strengths can go a long way toward alleviating the strain placed on pizza restaurants. And when it comes to products that work well together, the Randell Cheeser Station™ and Randell Dual Tier Raised Rail Prep Table complement each other perfectly and enable pizza operations to do more with less.

Get the most out of your cheese

With international pizza chains experiencing an 8% to 10% jump in pizza production costs this year and 7 out of 10 operators reporting struggles due to labor shortages, maximizing profits continues to be difficult, even with foodservice industry sales numbers forecasted to reach nearly $900 billion in 2022.

One avenue to help stabilize restaurant costs is to eliminate wasted cheese – and that’s just what the Cheeser Station does.

The Cheeser Station features a refrigerated holding bin that accommodates 30 pounds of cheese, with a stainless steel grate to hold the pizza during preparation. Whoever is preparing the pizza sets it on the grate and reaches down into the holding bin to get the right amount of cheese. Any pieces that don’t land on the pizza end up back in the holding bin – not on the floor or prep table.

Since no cheese hits the floor, the Cheeser Station allows for 100% cheese utilization, removing the cost of wasted cheese from the equation. Since no cheese hits the floor, the Cheeser Station allows for 100% cheese utilization, removing the cost of wasted cheese from the equation.

However, cheese missing the pizza isn’t the only way it can be wasted. The Cheeser Station also comes with a scale and tare option, which helps minimize waste even more. It adds a high degree of precision to the cheesing process – making sure employees aren’t overdoing it when piling on those precious shreds.

That is another example of how waste can subtly add up over time. One employee adding too much cheese to one pizza isn’t the worst thing in the world, but without a method in place to prevent that from happening, the costs can add up quickly over the course of a year.

Keep ingredients fresher for longer

Like the Cheeser Station, Randell Dual Tier Raised Rail Prep Tables help you get the most out of your ingredients.

The table’s cold-wall conductive cooling system blankets ingredients in a consistent stream of cold air. This makes it great for high-heat environments that might otherwise cause ingredients to wilt or spoil. Instead, the Dual Tier Prep Table helps keep them at peak freshness for longer.

Additionally, recent trends indicate that healthier, less conventional pizzas are on the rise among modern pizza consumers. Broadening your offerings to also include things like avocado, vegan meats and cheeses, and new flavors like Indian or Thai can help win over these types of customers. With a storage capacity of up to 25 1/3 size pans, Randell Dual Tier Prep Tables give you ample space to stock a wide selection of attention-grabbing ingredients.

Add energy savings to the list

One other way of maximizing profits has nothing to do with ingredients or staffing.

Saving energy can reduce the cost of operation, leading to bigger profit margins in the long run. And both the Cheeser Station and Dual Tier Prep Table are designed to maximize energy savings.

The Cheeser Station has visible external electronic controls for quick verification of proper settings and runs on an energy-efficient R290 compressor system, so you can be sure it’s running exactly how it should.

Additionally, the Dual Tier Prep Table rails can be shut down independently of the base at night – which can result in up to 60% of energy savings over 24 hours.

With ingredients hard to come by and profit stability uncertain, you need equipment that cuts down on kitchen chaos and delivers consistent savings. If you’d like to learn more about the Cheeser Station or Dual Tier Prep Table, visit https://unifiedbrands.net/prep-tables or contact Randell Product Manager Dave Rademacher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.