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Blast Chillers, the New Kitchen Necessity

Blast chilling and shock freezing has historically been reserved for the high-end restaurants and large production facilities. But smaller segments and facilities are seeing the benefits of blast chilling to save on labor, waste, and service time. With food waste and prices at an all-time high, being able to reuse or repurpose products with blast chilling or shock freezing has taken the forefront in kitchen management. Creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly food production cycle. 

Reducing food waste

Food WasteReduce food waste with blast chilling and shock freezing.

Today an estimated one-third of all food produced in the world goes to waste. The ability for blast chillers and shock freezers to rapidly reduce the temperature of food to minimize bacterial growth is the key to being able to preserve and reuse or repurpose food products. By blast chilling or shock freezing commercial kitchens can extend the shelf life by days or even months if frozen. This allows institutions to utilize food for a longer period of time, reducing what they might have to throw out because of spoilage. About 8%-10% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we stop wasting food according to United Nations.

Smarter food purchasing & seasonal extensions

Extending the shelf life of food with a blast chiller also means that smarter food purchasing decisions can be made. Less over buying, which results in cost savings and eases the burden on food production or farms. Being able to use products over an extended period also means that seasonal items can be used well beyond their traditional seasons. All of which is done without losing quality, texture, or flavor because of the technology used in blast chilling and shock freezing, preserving food without damaging it. This helps to better utilize these time sensitive or seasonal items and keeps them from spoiling or even going unharvested by suppliers.

Labor savings and production management

With labor at a premium, finding ways to better manage your kitchen is necessary to help increase the bottom line. From prep to service, utilizing blast chillers in your production can help reduce the stress on your labor and service employees. Blast chilling allows for prep to be done days in advance and held at that perfect quality until it is needed. All prep for a week could be done in one day, portioned and chilled or frozen to be easily used throughout the week. Whole meals can be partially cooked and chilled allowing for fast finishing and service, retaining quality, reducing service time, and increasing customer satisfaction. Blast chilling and shock freezing truly add a new level of optimization to kitchen labor efficiencies. 


American Panel HURRiCHiLL modelsOver 50 HURRiCHiLL models to choose from

Blast chillers are similar in versatility to combi-ovens, which is why they are so commonly paired together. The main goal of a blast chiller is to reduce the temperature of whatever you put in it down to a safe holding, or frozen, level as fast as possible while retaining the quality of the original item. Everything from delicate pastries to thick steaks to cold holding packs, blast chillers can handle them all. Roll-in blast chillers are designed so entire carts of food can be taken directly from the oven and rolled into the blast chiller for easy chilling or freezing, and then rolled directly into a walk-in for longer storage. These roll-in units can also be self-contained, modular built (built on site like a walk-in) or built directly into the walk-in for a complete walk-in/blast chiller integrated solution. Units like the American Panel AP20BCF200-3-XL also off the ability to handle any common combi cart, meaning you don’t have to pair your combi manufacture to your blast chiller, making it one of the most versatile on the market. 

American Panel offers the largest variety of blast chillers/shock freezers on the market today. Everything from small 3 pan version to complete integrated 1300lb. system. Superior design, innovative easy controls and outstanding performance sets American Panel’s HURRiCHiLL blast chiller apart from the rest. Check out all ways HURRiCHiLL can help your organization reduce food waste, make smarter purchasing, and save on labor today.

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