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Research Finds Increasing Acceptance for Automatic Coffee Machines

A recent study on consumer acceptance of superautomatic coffee equipment commissioned by Franke Coffee Systems shows that any resistance consumers may have had to automated, self-serve coffee machines is fading away.

franke sponsored Caramel Macchiato HotPerfectly foamed milk and freshly ground beans make up this macchiato from the A1000.The company surveyed more than 150 consumers, spread across demographic groups and who are regular buyers (two to three times weekly) of coffee or espresso drinks, to get their reaction to superautomatic and bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Part of the new acceptance for automatic machines comes from the proliferation of touchscreen devices in daily life. With nearly everyone having a touchscreen phone these days, operating coffee equipment with a touchscreen — like the user-friendly Franke A800 Fresh Brew and A1000 models — is less intimidating than it once was. In fact, more than 95% of the consumers who tried the machines described them as “easy to use,” and at least 92% called them “appealing.”

Additionally, these superautomatic coffee machines grind coffee from whole beans prior to brewing a fresh cup of coffee. In asking consumers to think about the benefit of brewing coffee from fresh ground beans, a full 100% of respondents felt their coffee was “worth the wait.” 

The bottom line from the research: 90% of those who tried the Franke A800 Fresh Brew and 97% of those who tried the A1000 superautomatic espresso machine felt they were more likely to buy beverages from this format over their traditional method.