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Technology Advancements in the Ice Machine Segment

A Q&A with Brittany Danielson, CFSP, marketing communications manager, Scotsman Ice Systems

Q: How has smart technology impacted the ice machine segment?Scotsman Brittany

Brittany Danielson: Smart technology has become the norm on all types of products, along with the expectation of immediate responses, shipping, service diagnostics, etc. It’s only natural that ice machine manufacturers would follow suit and start integrating smarter systems into their machines. Scotsman has done this by incorporating a QR code specific to each machine, AutoAlert™ LED indicator lights, One-Touch Cleaning system, WaterSense recycling system and our Vari-Smart™ ice level control.

Q: What are the benefits this technology provides?

BD: Scotsman ice machines each include a QR code, which allows access to unique warranty and service information, user manual, parts manual and cleaning instructions. Our AutoAlert™ indicator lights signal when the ice machine is working properly or needs servicing. Another indicator also alerts when your ice machine needs cleaning, which can be accomplished by our One-Touch Cleaning system. All of these features make Scotsman ice machines extremely easy to use and maintain, therefore saving both time and money.

Q: Do these new developments provide more sustainable operation?

Scotsman C0330 C0530 C0630 AC on B530S High QualScotsman’s self-monitoring ice machine with external indicator lights continuously communicates the machine’s operating status for complete confidence in its ice-making capability.BD: Our patented WaterSense technology is an adaptive purge control that reduces scale buildup by adjusting to your facility’s water quality, resulting in more sanitary ice and extended time between cleanings. In good water conditions, WaterSense allows the machine to operate using less water. We also offer an optional Vari-Smart™ Ice Level Control system, which enables you to customize ice bin levels, ensuring customers get the ice they need and prevents excess ice from being produced.

Q: What is the return on investment operators can expect with the newest technology?

BD: We provide an exclusive Ice Machine Comparison Tool, which allows users to search and compare model specifications and operating costs not only against
Scotsman units, but against our competitors. This tool, among others, helps operators understand, maintain and effortlessly use their ice machine to its fullest potential.

Q: How is smart technology being implemented in other ways besides on equipment?

BD: Scotsman recently introduced several tools that offer easy access to brand and product information. The Scotsman iPad Sales App is an on-the-go tool that can be used without internet access. There’s also a web-based version that can be accessed on any device. Both platforms include product specifications, features, brand presentations and quick links to tools, such as the Ice Machine Comparison Tool. Another highlight is our interactive control board, which walks the user through several simple and intuitive panel simulations. We also introduced our Resource Center, a library with complete access to marketing, sales and service assets.

Q: What do you see for the future of smart technology in the ice machine segment?

BD: We are excited to announce that our Ice Machine Configurator Tool is getting a facelift this year! This tool will allow customers to input several factors that will help Scotsman recommend an ice machine that will fit their needs. As Scotsman looks towards the future, we will continue to innovate and implement technology that makes sense for the user and adds value to the customer experience without adding unnecessary complexity.