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The Importance of Precise Timing in the Kitchen

A Q&A with Michael Renau, Product Design, Renau Electronic Laboratories

Q: Talk about the obstacles operators face in terms of producing consistent product.

Michael Renau: Whether an independent operator or chain, the challenges they face are pretty much the same. Utilizing labor effectively to deliver quality meals and limit spoilage is key.

Many operators use old technology simply because it’s been around for a while and it works, even though it might not provide all the necessary functions for today’s fast-paced kitchen environment. Analog controls are outdated in this day and age and don’t provide the quality you need.

Renau 64E3000 68 Timer 4 RENAU H 190511 TransparentThe Renau T-2468 timer features easy-to-understand, customizable pictures to represent kitchen processes.

Q: Why is it important for kitchens to have a good timer?

MR: Time is money. Your employees’ time and food-holding time are exactly that: money in your pocket…or that’s leaving your pocket. A good product timer is money well spent.

The kitchens of today require more than basic LED or analog timers. Even adding just one touchscreen timer to the kitchen will open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Q: How can the Renau T-2468 timer help operators save time and labor?

MR: The sky’s the limit with how you choose to use it. The Renau T-2468 allows the manager to accurately track and control cooking, holding and process timers which can transfer products from one location to another. There are a lot of different options to tailor this system to your needs. Data can be collected and observed directly or remotely. Multi-language support and graphic images make this a tool that becomes indispensable. It’s a kitchen manager’s dream come true.