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Custom Dinnerware is for Everyone

Chris Park has been working in ceramics for almost 40 years, most of it spent creating new designs. For the past 11 years, he’s been a fixture in Homer Laughlin’s custom design department.

Chris Park HLC Designer

Chris believes some restaurant owners view custom dinnerware as something only fine dining or theme restaurants need or can afford. He’d like to dispel the myth. 

“Custom dinnerware gives any restaurant an advantage,” says Chris. “It’s one of those details that they might not think about, but once they see the difference, they can’t imagine how they’ve done without it. It really elevates the dining experience—any experience. It sharpens the focus of your brand and complements your food. Whatever you’re already doing, custom dinnerware intensifies it.”

HLC cup design

Homer Laughlin’s design service is one that customers can actively immerse themselves in if they choose. The team of designers can go it alone or can work with a customer’s brand managers to make something really special. It’s a very flexible process. Then there’s the fact that Homer Laughlin’s custom design services are free.  

“You pay for the dinnerware, obviously, but not for the creation of your design,” reasons Chris. 

From initial meeting to delivery, restaurant owners can expect a pretty quick turnaround. For example, a design rendering takes three days and a fired sample can be produced in 10 days.

HLC dinnerware design

“It’s not like ordering T-shirts off the internet, but the time isn’t prohibitive either,” says Chris. “With our in-house custom design team, really, if you can dream it, we can make it. We have all the tools of a modern graphic design department and, when the customer sees the design they like, we provide acetate transfers to the dinnerware body so they can see how their artwork looks in different placements and on different pieces.”

The company believes customers appreciate that they don’thave to approve an abstract concept or a design on a piece of paper. Says Chris, “You’ll know exactly what you’re getting. And, if it’s from Homer, you’ll know it’s going to be special.”

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