Since 1926, Kason has been manufacturing quality hardware and accessories in the United States.
Kason’s President, David Katz-Doft, is proud to describe the company as an American made, vertically integrated, trustworthy, and innovative manufacturer of quality products.

Kason Original Manufacturers Storefront55x4 300dpiThe original five and dime store in Brooklyn, N.Y. that started Kason Industries.It’s the company’s “everything in-house” mentality that ensures customers can rely on Kason products to ultimately make their kitchens better. This means in-house engineering, tooling, die casting, polishing, plating, shipping, as well as the maintenance of quality management systems and customer service. Their attention to detail and focus on quality takes the worry out of the equation when it comes to everyday products that really do matter, like door hinges, latches, equipment legs, fabrication supplies, commercial plumbing fixtures all the way down to the panel fasteners inside the walls of your walk-in.

Starting From Scratch

Kason Industries was created in 1926 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“The company was started by my great grandfather, who came from Eastern Europe with only the clothes on his back,” says Katz-Doft. “He started the business running a five and dime store. ” The
refrigeration industry was in its infancy, so when he received a request to manufacture a part, an entire industry was born.

Kason’s first manufacturing plant opened shortly thereafter, with a focus on basic refrigeration hardware, latches, and hinges to accessories like butcher rails for hanging meat.

Today, almost a century after it began, Kason’s manufacturing takes place in Newnan, Georgia and its commitment to producing quality parts for the foodservice industry remains at its core.

Kason PlatingSmile 7x5 300dpi 2716 retouchSolid craftsmanship is the reason Kason has stood the test-of time, supplying accessories to all the major kitchen equipment manufacturers.

The Company Culture

There is much to be said about this 93-year-old family-owned and operated company who has been a steady leader in the hardware and foodservice industry. A major part of their success is due to their commitment to family-minded values and the local community.

“We strive to make long-term business decisions that will positively impact our customers, vendors and, more importantly, our employees,” says Katz-Doft.

The company’s management is mindful of how changes may impact employees and customers alike. A good example of this is when Kason introduced the use of robots in their polishing department, which improved the quality of their products and eliminated rigorous and dirty tasks previously done by employees. Kason’s management made sure that no employees were displaced by this new technology. Today they utilize 13 robots in their polishing department.

Kason’s culture of trust, stability, and longevity has led to a number of Kason Industries employees remaining at the company for four or more decades. It’s this experience that customers can trust.

Kason RobotPrograming 4x6 300dpi 3553 retouchThe program on one of Kason’s 13 polishing robots is fine-tuned.Another key element to Kason’s winning company culture is their philosophy of innovation.

“We want to make great new products, so we hire passionate people who will figure out how to make it happen,” says Katz-Doft.

Kason recently designed a new product that combines a walk-in vent and safety light. This product allows the door to open and close more easily and improves your kitchen’s operation, safety, and bottom line.

By continually investing in innovation, machinery, equipment, systems, and employees, Kason Industries has ensured it will be around for another 93 years.