A Q&A with Trey Wiegand, National Sales Director, Micro Matic USA, Inc.

 What does it mean when you say Micro Matic delivers “Quality Without Compromise”?

Trey Wiegan: In this day and age, suppliers are under constant challenge to deliver cost savings to their customers irrespective of what is happening in the supply chain. This has caused many suppliers in our space to run to foreign markets, seeking either finished goods or low-cost components and raw materials for their products. This is not the Micro Matic approach. Given our large market share, our core products have to meet the standards set by the world’s largest brewers. We have established long-term relationships and significant purchasing power that enables us to purchase top-quality raw materials at a competitive price. Finally, Micro Matic invests heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure consistency and efficiency. Every component is digitally inspected to ensure it meets specification. This cannot be guaranteed if you simply purchase parts or finished goods elsewhere and hope that they are fit for purpose. That’s the Micro Matic difference and what we mean by “Quality Without Compromise.”

Micro Matic custom3Micro Matic’s design team can deliver custom towers in almost any configuration.

How does your project team structure differ from your competitors?

TW: Micro Matic has 63 dedicated salespeople, each of whom are experts in the field of beverage dispense. This “boots-on-the-ground” approach provides market expertise and project management support. This field sales team is fully supported by a central project management team who are experts in coordinating shipments, installations and billing.

How does your regional warehouse system help you serve end users efficiently?

TW: Micro Matic operates four regional warehouses and one master warehouse, carrying 2,600 different SKUs with an inventory value of $25 million. We are not a produce-to-order company, which results in the shortest lead-times to anywhere in the U.S.

What are your custom design capabilities?

TW: If you think of it, we can build it. We can build anything, but design aside, we focus on speed. Customers receive a quote within 24 hours and, if requested, a drawing within 48 hours. Once approved, production time is three to four weeks, which we believe is best in class by some margin.

Micro Matic quality3Micro Matic’s attention to quality control at each step of the production process ensures years of dependable performance.

What does Micro Matic’s concept of “Everything on Tap” mean to the buyer, and how does that set you apart from your competition?

TW: We don’t think there is any doubt that Micro Matic is widely regarded as a draft beer systems expert. However, our capabilities stretch much further than that. Micro Matic is a liquid transfer company with the expertise to dispense pretty much anything: beer, wine, water, coffee (cold brew or nitro), tea or liquor. We work with the customer to understand the format and match the equipment needed to each application, ensuring all products are dispensed at the highest quality.