Non-commercial foodservice operations have their share of challenges. Having equipment that can efficiently meet consumer demands with less labor and without compromising food quality is key to success.

Vector Family DebbingThe Structured Air Technology® offers up to four ovens in one – each chamber with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time control.

To mitigate these challenges, operators are seeking programmable and multi-functional equipment that requires less labor for operation and maintenance.

Delivering on these needs, Alto-Shaam’s Vector® Multi-Cook Oven allows operators to cook a variety of food items at different temperatures simultaneously in up to four oven chambers.

These chambers have independent temperature, fan speed and cook time controls—providing four ovens in one. Each chamber is a closed system, resulting in zero flavor transfer between food items.

“This is a step up from traditional and convection ovens, which are limited to a single temperature and fan speed and unable to maximize production in a smaller space like the Vector ovens,” said Tim Murphy, product specialist at Alto-Shaam.

Vector is the only oven that allows simultaneous, high-quality preparation of a wide variety of food. Most importantly, food is cooked at its ideal temperature, so it looks and tastes as it should.

“Chicken breasts are typically cooked in a convection oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, depending what else is in the oven,” Murphy said. “With Vector ovens, the same chicken can be cooked in 9 minutes at its optimal cook temperature of 450 degrees, regardless of oven load, resulting in a better color and juicier product.”

Innovation that generates results

Structured AirThe secret to Vector Multi-Cook Ovens lies in Structured Air Technology®. With this technology, air is directed upward and downward through slots and holes in jet plates within each chamber.

This optimized, focused heat delivers more even and consistent cooking faster than other methods, while eliminating the need to monitor or rotate pans during the cooking process. Operators can also open the door as needed, with vertical curtains of air that eliminate heat loss.

Tailored to your needs

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens are available in countertop (H Series) or full-size (F Series) models to meet the needs of your non-commercial operation.

The countertop Vector H Series Multi-Cook Oven is certified ventless with a small, 21-inch footprint and offers two, three or four oven chambers that accommodate half-sheet pans or full-size hotel pans.

“The Vector H series is perfect for compact kitchen layouts and can take the place of many other cooking units, while reducing cleaning and labor costs,” Murphy said.

To further expand your menu and maximize production, the Vector F Series offers three or four chambers with full-size sheet pan or hotel-pan capacity. The F Series features the ability to combine chambers for taller food items, as well as the ability to cook by time or optional probe.