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Solving a Perception Problem

There is a common and annoying problem in the restaurant industry that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s one rarely or inadequately addressed by customers or staff, but can negatively impact a dining experience to the point where a customer may not return.

The issue of wobbly tables may seem minor at first glance, but it can create a negative view of the front of house and perception of a restaurant brand without the operator even being aware.

image001FLAT Equalizers are the only solution of its kind that can also be adjusted by lifting or tilting the tabletop.

“Unstable tables affect customers’ dining experience, whether they say something or not,” says Andy O’Donnell, Marketing Director for FLAT Tech Inc. The company’s new FLAT® Equalizers, winner of the Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®, allow foodservice owners and operators to fix instability in their existing tables. While other products designed to stop tables from wobbling usually rely on springs or some form of wedge to fix the problem, Equalizers use a self-contained hydraulic design that allows the table to be quickly adjusted with a simple press of the tabletop. Feet “lock” into position to create a rock-solid table base. FLAT Equalizers are the only solution of its kind that can also be adjusted by lifting or tilting the tabletop to facilitate the alignment of adjoining tables.

“Restaurants are working hard to provide high-quality food and have professional servers that are well-trained, but here’s something that impacts everything in a negative way that has nothing to do with the meal or service,” says O’Donnell. “If you haven’t put the customer in a position to enjoy their experience, they will be dealing with this nuisance that detracts from their meal. FLAT Equalizers provide an easy and economical solution.”