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Benefits of Going Ventless

In the restaurant industry today, there is no doubt that smaller spaces are trending. Higher rents per square foot, a shrinking labor pool and increasing operating costs have all contributed to this movement.

In an effort to save money on building costs, monthly rent, labor and overhead, restaurant operators now have to do more with less space.

As commercial kitchens continue to shrink and foodservice programs become more popular, the need for equipment that accommodates smaller footprints becomes paramount.

Now more than ever, operators are realizing the many benefits of ventless cooking equipment when back-of-house space is at a premium. Not only does ventless equipment eliminate the need for expensive and space-consuming ventilation hoods, but it also provides added flexibility in terms of kitchen layout and design. Ventless cooking systems capitalize on kitchen work areas as well as cook line space, maximizing the space and the kitchen’s efficiency.

How does it work? Most commercial cooking equipment releases some combination of smoke, heat, steam, odors and grease, which must be scrubbed and evacuated from the building by an overhead hood ventilation system. Ventless equipment either does not produce these byproducts, or it uses specialized built-in technology to eliminate byproducts and release only clean air, eliminating the need for an overhead hood.

Alto-Shaam CT ExpressOffering an optional ventless CombiHood®, the CT Express™ is the most compact Alto-Shaam combi oven, but with full-size performance.

Today, there are many ventless options when it comes to cooking equipment, whether an operator is seeking combi oven technology, low temperature cooking with Cook & Hold Ovens or a versatile Multi-Cook Oven.

Alto-Shaam offers a number of options for operators seeking ventless cooking equipment designed for small spaces.

Offering an optional ventless CombiHood®, theCT Express™ is the most compact Alto-Shaamcombi oven, but with full-size performance. It holds five full-size hotel pans or 10 half-size sheet pans. The high-power fan draws steam and fumes into the hood intake and out the top surface exhaust vent, trapping grease and vapors as the air moves through the ventilation system.

Geared for kitchens with limited space, the oven can bake, roast, steam, poach, grill, braise and oven fry.

Alto-Shaam 750 TH III 06 18Due to the Original Cook & Hold Oven’s extremely low emissions, it can save kitchens about $30 per day in operating costs.

Another ventless option is Alto-Shaam’s Original Cook & Hold Oven featuring exclusive Halo Heat®technology. Due to the unit’s extremely low emissions, added ventilation isn’t necessary. This can save kitchens about $30 a day in operating costs, eliminating the hassle and expense of installing and running a hood.

The gentle, even, radiant heating properties of Halo Heat provide higher protein yields, lower energy usage, and reduce the need for additional equipment, saving time and money in a crowded kitchen.

Designed to work overnight, the Original Cook & Hold Ovenis highly efficient, eliminating the need for extra manpower during the cooking process. Unlike traditional convection ovens, the Original Cook & Hold Oven also reduces meat shrinkage by 18% while producing a more tender product. 

Alto-Shaam Vector H Series Countertop Multi-Cook Oven Alto-Shaam’s ventless Vector H Series Countertop Multi-Cook Oven offers two, three or four independently-controlled oven chambers.

Alto-Shaam’s ventless Vector H Series Countertop Multi-Cook Oven offers two, three or four independently-controlled oven chambers with half-size sheet pan or full-size hotel pan capacity in a small 21-inch footprint. This oven allows operators to expand their menu and can cook twice as much food as a traditional convection oven in the same amount of time.

With traditional ventilation hoods costing as much as $2,000 per linear foot to install and approximately $30 an hour to operate, ventless cooking equipment makes sense not only logistically, but also financially.

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