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Customization & Diversification in College and University Kitchens

When it comes down to ordering parts for foodservice equipment, there is no disputing the benefit of manufacturer-trained customer service staff. This minimizes downtime, saving money in the long run and time and aggravation in doing the job right.

Purdue kitchen equipmentLike a growing number of universities today, Purdue's kitchen equipment has become more diverse.

Today, foodservice operators are looking for quick answers and immediate resolution to equipment problems.

Heritage Parts, through manufacturer training, serves as the industry’s brand steward and expert for operators, ensuring confidence in getting the appropriate part and the repair accomplished right the first time.

Foodservice equipment has become increasingly complicated, making diagnosing a problem or the part to make the repair ever more difficult. End users know when a unit isn’t operating correctly or cannot be used at all, and the focus is on fixing the problem as quickly as possible. Most have partial information, such as manufacturer and model. Through extensive training, Heritage Parts’ parts experts can assist them in getting to the needed information and determine which parts are needed for the repair. The Heritage Parts Experts become partners and get to know your equipment package and experts in finding a solution to minimize downtime. Even when provided with a large batch of parts or many pieces of equipment, finding a solution is where our team’s expertise lies.

This is due to Heritage Parts’ extensive manufacturer training, which is important to our customers because:

  1. Heritage understands that we are an extension of the customer/manufacture; we help them represent themselves by providing the right parts, on time.
  2. Heritage can be more effective and efficient with parts identification with training by improving downtime, first time fix rates and overall customer experience for our customers.
  3. Customers start to put a “value” to the support Heritage provides in turn improving our relationship and establishing a true “partnership” with the customer.

Users benefit from having increased confidence when they call for a part. They know the information will be accurate and the response time will be quick to diagnose what is needed and get the equipment up and running as soon as possible. With the appropriate questions at hand, such as model and serial number and the type of unit, transaction time is much shorter, as is downtime.

Heritage buffet partsPurdue relies on Heritage Parts to meet its needs with its comprehensive inventory.

Operators also can be assured manufacturer updates are current and will be provided. Heritage Parts will know if there is a recalled or updated part needed, due to staff’s extensive manufacturer training. And if another part is impacted by a malfunctioning component, that will be communicated so the repair is done right the first time and minimal downtime is needed. For those purchasing online, Heritage Parts “Always Connected” website means a Parts Expert is only an email, text or chart away when a question pops up during the ordering process.

Heritage Parts has the largest inventory of Genuine OEM parts in the country and boasts more than 99 percent parts identification accuracy and same-day shipping. Ordering parts from Heritage is the fastest way to get the right part for your equipment to minimize downtime and ensure customer satisfaction.

You should expect the same convenience and speed from your parts supplier that you receive from modern, on-demand services and one-stop shopping websites. Call 1-800-458-5593 to speak with your dedicated Parts Expert or visit HeritageParts.com to order parts anytime.

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