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Food Warming Equipment Perfect for Today’s Trends

Q&A with Travis Hartley, national sales manager/executive chef, F.W.E.

Travis HartleyQ. Discuss the importance of speed of service in today’s foodservice environment.

Travis Hartley: Today’s consumer is making a shift, dining less in restaurants and more so ordering takeout or having food delivered. This has been precipitated by online apps and third party food delivery companies that have made it easier than ever to eat restaurant food at home. Consequently, having the ability to quickly turn around orders is paramount for today’s restaurant operators.

Q. What equipment innovations have helped meet these challenges?

A. This environment has pushed equipment into areas that are more accessible and highly visible to staff to maintain top quality from a temperature and texture standpoint. Getting food served as quickly as possible while minimizing the wait time is key. The Heated Holding Shelf series (HHS) by F.W.E. can fit into limited spaces, available to meet the needs of foodservice operators. The units run through different temperature ranges to accommodate specific packaging and heating and can be turned on and off on the individual shelves for added flexibility and convenience.

Q. What are the benefits to operators and clients?

HHS 413 2039 StandardModelF.W.E.’s Heated Holding Shelf can warm multiple levels of food at different temperature ranges held in various packaging.A. Our goal is to provide operators with a solution that is easy to implement, attractive and fits their branding in the space they have available. Many times, we are dealing with existing sites or nontraditional spaces that need to adapt to takeout and delivery services. The biggest benefit is not having to give up additional valuable floor space, since this equipment can fit into an existing footprint in high traffic areas.