Distribution Giants

FE&S’s annual proprietary research results in the listing of the top 100 foodservice equipment and supplies dealers by sales volume.


2023 Distribution Giants

Sales among the top 100 FE&S dealers totaled $14.51 billion in 2022, which is up from $11.63 billion in 2021, according to the FE&S 2023 Distribution Giants study. In 2022, sales increased for 95% of dealers within the top 100, compared with 85% last year.

COVID-19 may be slowly fading, but the foodservice industry continues to deal with the ripple effect from the past several years. Pair that with various macroeconomic factors, like inflation and the ongoing speculation as to whether the United States is about to enter another recession, and you have a very dynamic operating environment.

“Everyone was discussing a recession back in the fall, but the truth of it is we had one in the third and fourth quarter of last year. But as for this year, we are not seeing it at the moment,” says David Stafford Jr., president and CEO for Stafford-Smith Inc., a Kalamazoo, Mich.-based dealership. “It is more regionalized. Look at the states where people are leaving and where people are going.”

Exactly how these issues affect a dealership will depend on a variety of factors, including scope of business, geographies served, size of the dealership and more. “There is no normal, and I don’t like using the term new normal because that’s not where we are. We just have to look at what today brings and deal with it — and then do the same tomorrow. We have to do that, and that’s what our customers are dealing with too,” explains Michael DeSatnik, CEO for Dean Supply Co., a Cleveland-based dealer. “For established businesses with long track records, this has forced them to take a look at the way they do things and reorganize some aspects of their businesses. If they have not done that, they are probably really hurting.”

Take, for example, inflation. “It’s definitely been challenging across the board. In terms of really trying to navigate inflation and trying to get the right products for our customers, there was a lot of juggling that had to be done,” notes DeSatnik, whose company serves mainly independent operators. “A lot of times we had to switch vendors to get our customers the right product at a price point they can afford. We did whatever we could possibly do to lessen the burden.”

Although most dealers agree things have tempered somewhat over the past year, the supply chain remains an issue that still receives a lot of their time and attention. “Even though we’ve had a lot of growth the past 18 months, it’s been difficult doing business,” says Mike Kennedy, principal, C&T Design & Equipment Co., an Indianapolis-based dealer. “We’ve had to carry twice as much inventory as we normally have. We used to bring in items 60 days in advance, but there’s been so much variation on the supply chain side, we had to bring items in 6 to 8 months early.”

This new approach to purchasing affects dealers in several ways. “A year ago, we started working with our customers to place purchase orders because lead times had grown. We have to work harder and faster to get product,” says Brad Wasserstrom, president of The Wasserstrom Company, a Columbus, Ohio-based dealer. “If you are a stocking dealer, you have to work farther in advance to avoid an outage, and you have to carry more. Fryers were one of the first mass scale items where lead times went haywire. So, we started talking to our customers and placing blanket orders because we know you can’t open a burger store or a chicken concept without a fryer. On top of that, you have price increases. You know you are going to buy it for more, and it’s not even on your dock yet. And then you are carrying higher inventory, and it costs you more to carry it.”

The need to carry higher inventory levels means some dealers need to augment their infrastructure. “We had to rent additional warehouse space across five offices. At our headquarters, we have about 100,000 square feet of warehouse space — and until now — never had an issue filling it,” Kennedy notes. “So we had to rent additional space, and our warehouse expense went up.”

Product lead times also impact project timelines. “Whatever item on a job has the longest lead time will dictate the time of the project,” Wasserstrom explains. “Then, you have to layer in everything behind that, and that will determine the cost of the project. We did not have to worry about that when the lead times were six weeks and the interest rates were so much lower. For us, dealing with some of these challenges has been a little easier because of who we work with and our relationships with our customers. We know their plans. If you are a dealer who does not work with customers that can look that far ahead, you will have a problem.”

2022 Rank COMPANY  ANNUAL ES SALES  THIS YEAR (2022)  (in millions) ANNUAL ES SALES LAST YEAR (2021) (in millions) # of Salespeople (inside & outside) BUYING GROUP
1 Clark Associates Inc., Lancaster, Pa. H36%, L7%, SW10%, T9%, P/D22%, J11%, F5% $3,241.00 $2,596.59 478 CPG
2 TriMark USA Inc., Mansfield, Mass. H64%, L6%, SW11%, T5%, P/D11%, J1%, F2% $2,200.00 $1,705.00 863 ABC, NexGen, Network
3 Edward Don & Co., Woodridge, Ill. H26%, L4%, SW23%, T24%, P/D15%, J6%, F2% $1,294.24 $1,002.00 304 NexGen
4 Singer Equipment Co., Elverson, Pa. H68%, L5%, SW7%, T5%, P/D11%, J4% $699.46 $490.82** 165 ABC, NexGen, Network
5 Wasserstrom Co., Columbus, Ohio H25%, L15%, SW34%, T15%, P/D5%, J5%, F1% $652.00 $537.00 250 NexGen
6 KaTom Restaurant Supply Inc., Kodak, Tenn H30%, L30%, SW10%, T20%, J5%, F5% $421.75 $357.58 66 ABC, IFED
7 Bargreen Ellingson Inc., Tacoma, Wash.H37%, L12%, SW19%, T11%, P/D13%, J5%, F3% $391.00 $305.00 265 ABC, NexGen
8 Boelter, Waukesha, Wis. H65%, L1%, SW7%, T10%, P/D15.5%, J.5%, F1% $367.60 $297.00* 135 ABC, Network, NexGen
9 Johnson-Lancaster & Associates Inc., Clearwater, Fla.H50%, L25%, SW16%, T2%, J2%, F5% $355.00 $268.90 120 SEFA
10 Stafford-Smith Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich. H90%, L10% $325.79 $269.25 100 CPG, ISE, XYZ
11 Supplies on the Fly, Kennesaw, Ga. H16%, L12%, SW30%, T35%, P/D3%,J3%, F1% $247.00 $205.70 66 SEFA
12 Central Restaurant Products, Indianapolis H65%, L14%, SW11%, T3%, J3%, F4% $165.50 $143.00 62 ABC, IFED
13 CT Design & Equipment Co., Indianapolis H80%, L15%, SW2%, F3% $159.00 $111.00 55 SEFA
14 TundraFMP Restaurant Supply, Boulder, Colo.  $155.69 $146.84 32 SEFA
15 Ace Mart Restaurant Supply, San Antonio, Texas H25%, L17%, SW26%, T10%, P/D8%, J10%, F4% $151.32 $137.60 88 ABC, IFED
16 Mission Restaurant Supply Company, San Antonio H75%, L16%, SW4%, T2%, P/D1%, J1%, F1% $145.03 $112.38 77 CPG, XYZ
17 Culinary Depot, Spring Valley, N.Y. H44%, L20%, SW18%, T8%, J5%, F5% $141.50 $111.00 50 SEFA
18 Innovative Foodservice Group, Tampa, Fla  $127.20* $108.72* n/a ABC, IFED
19 Action Sales, Monterey Park, Calif. H63%, L20%, SW11%, T3%, J3% $121.00 $104.00 55 SEFA
20 Hubert Co., Harrison, Ohio  $120.30 $98.60** n/a ABC, IFED
21 Concept Services Inc., Austin, Texas  $116.97* $99.97* n/a CPG
22 Duray/JF Duncan Industries/Baring Industries, Vernon, Calif. H92%, L6%, SW2% $111.38 $103.00 14 CPG
23 Great Lakes Hotel Supply Co., Southfield, Mich. H70%, L10%, SW10%, T5%, P/D5% $111.00 $82.50 27 SEFA
24 The Sam Tell Companies, Farmingdale, N.Y.  $110.23* $94.22* n/a ABC, IFED
25 East Bay Rest. Supply Inc., Oakland, Calif.  $108.25* $92.52* n/a CPG
26 Hotel & Restaurant Supply, Meridian, Miss. H60%, L14%, SW15%, T5%, P/D1%, J2%, F3% $102.59 $89.35 42 ABC, NexGen
27 Arizona Restaurant Supply, Tucson, Ariz. H71%, L10%, SW12%, T3%, P/D1%, J1%, F2% $100.00 $64.00 35 SEFA
28 Kamran & Co. Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif. H85%, L15% $88.08 $61.44 9 SEFA
29 Aydelott Equipment, Centerville, Ohio H30%, SW40%, F30% $83.20 $70.30 15  
30 Mobile Fixture & Equipment Co., Mobile, Ala. H65%, L18%, SW5%, T7%, F5% $71.88 $52.83 29 CPG, XYZ
31 Douglas Equipment, Bluefield, W.V. H70%, L22%, SW86, T1%, F1% $69.39 $56.47 30 ABC, IFED
32 General Hotel and Restaurant Supply, Miami  $59.54* $50.89* n/a ABC, IFED
33 Amundsen Commercial Kitchens, Oklahoma City H74%, L23%, SW2%, F1% $58.57 $39.48 10 IFED
34 Fortier Inc., Conway, Ark.  $56.53* $48.32* n/a NAFED
35 L&M Foodservice, Bullhead City, Ariz. H5%, L5%, SW5%, T3%, P/D10%, J69%, F3% $55.00 $57.00 20 AFFLINK, PRIDE
36 Cresco Resco, Fresno, Calif. $54.39* $46.49* ** n/a NAFED
37 Avanti Restaurant Solutions, Costa Mesa, Calif. H70%, L20%, F10% $53.47 $35.34 6 CPG
38 B&G Restaurant Supply Inc., Pittsfield, Mass. H60%, L15%, SW10%, T10%, P/D1%, J1%, F3% $50.50 $46.80 21 SEFA
39 Ford Hotel Supply Co. Inc., St. Louis  $49.96* $42.70* n/a ABC, IFED
40 Burkett Restaurant Equipment, Perryburg, Ohio H70%, L15.3, SW13%, T.6%, PD.1%, J.5%, F.4% $48.21 $37.16 17 CPG, XYZ
41 Zesco, Indianapolis  $47.64* $40.72* n/a  
42 The Warehouse Store Fixture Company, Waterbury, Conn. H50%, L25%, SW10%, T10%, F5% $45.05 $42.95 14 CPG, XYZ
43 Birmingham Restaurant Supply Inc.(BRESCO), Birmingham, Ala. H72%, L8%, SW14%, T3%, P/D1%, J1% F1% $41.65 $37.06 15 ABC, IFED
44 Penn Jersey Paper Company dbs PJP, Philadelphia H60%, L10%, SW20%, T7%, F3% $40.00 $30.50** 75 SEFA
45 Supreme Fixture Co. Inc., Little Rock, Ark.  $39.57* $33.82* n/a SEFA
46 IFE Group/SCRDG, Encitas, Calif. H75%, L15%, SW10% $39.47 $30.37 10 SEFA
47 State Restaurant Equipment Co., Las Vegas H10%, L5%, SW24%, T60%, J1% $38.39 $30.54 13 SEFA
48 Gradys, Pueblo, Colo. H50%, L20%, SW20%, T5%, P/D1%, J1%, F3% $38.35 $32.50 13 SEFA
49 Cook’s Direct, Warrenville, Ill. H60%, L6%, SW30%, T2%, P/D2% $38.12 $32.05 11 SEFA
50 Kirby Restaurant Supply, Longview, Texas H44%, L4%, SW6%, T2%, J43%, F1% $38.00 $32.00 30 SEFA
51 Curtis Restaurant Equipment Inc., Springfield, Ore. H74%, L7%, SW17%, T1%, J.5%, F.5% $37.53 $33.27 13 SEFA
52 Dykes Foodservice Solutions, Inc., Huntsville, Ala. H50%, L10%, SW15%, T10%, J5%, F10% $36.30 $29.10 22 ABC, IFED
53 ACityDiscount, Norcross, Ga.  $35.21* $30.10 n/a NAFED
54 Rapids Wholesale Equipment, Marion, Iowa H70%, L18%, SW5%, T4%, F3% $34.63 $28.43 16 CPG, XYZ
55 Restaurant and Store Equipment Co., Salt Lake City $33.89* $28.97* n/a ABC, IFED
56 Boston Showcase Co., Newton Highlands, Mass. H30%, L20%, SW15%, T15%, P/D 5%, J5%, F10% $33.00 $27.00 11 SEFA
57 Best Restaurant Equipment & Design Inc., Columbus, Ohio H50%, L20%, SW15%, T5%, F10% $31.90 $27.00 n/a SEFA
58 Alto-Hartley Inc., Alexandria, Va. H70%, L15%, SW10%, T3%, J1%,  F1% $31.45 $21.90 14 NAFED
59 W. West Equipment & Furnishings Co., Denver H90%, L10% $31.37 $30.52 11 SEFA
60 Associated Food Equipment and Supplies Inc, Gulfport, Miss. H60%, L10%, SW15%, T10%, F5% $30.23 $19.14 27 SEFA
61 Manning Bros. Food Service Equip. Co. Inc., Athens, Ga. H50%, L20%, SW20%, T3%, P/D2%, J5% $29.00 $26.80 21 SEFA
62 Culinex, Fargo, N.D. H55%, L11%, SW18%, P/D1%, J2%, F5% $27.32 $26.77 10 SEFA
63 Restaurant Equipment World, Orlando, Fla. H60%, L15%, SW5%, T5%, P/D5%, J5%, F5% $27.29 $24.55 31 SEFA
64 Kitchen Equipment & Supply Company (KESCO), Pensacola, Fla. H58%, L15%, SW25%, F2% $27.15 $20.54 26 SEFA
65 Horizon Equipment, Eagan, Minn. H68%, L23%, SW6%, J1%, F2% $27.12 $18.70 7 SEFA
66 Oswalt Restaurant Supply, Oklahoma City H75%, L16%, SW4%, T2%, J1%, F2% $24.81 $22.02 11 SEFA
67 United Restaurant Equipment Company, Raleigh, N.C. H45%, L18%, SW20%, T5%, P/D2%, J5%, F5% $24.78 $21.39 15 CPG, XYZ
68 Breckenridge Kitchen Equipment & Design, Huron, Ohio H90%, L8%, F2% $24.31 $20.13 8 SEFA
69 Budget Restaurant Supply, Houston H50%, L15%, SW15%, T10%, J8%, F2% $21.40 $17.20 7 SEFA
70 Buller Fixture Co./Sunflower Restaurant Supply Co., Omaha, Neb. H65%, L15%, SW10%, T5%, F5% $21.32 $10.20 12 SEFA
71 Gold Star Products, Oak Park, Mich. H35%, L15%, SW20%, T20%, P/D5%, J3%, F2% $20.00 $15.00 14 SEFA
72 E. Friedman Associates, Jacksonville, Fla. $19.94* $17.04* n/a NAFED
73 Lace Foodservice Corporation, Miami H87%, L3%, SW2%, T2%, P/D4%, J1%, F1% $19.87 $18.67 6 NAFED
74 Jean’s Restaurant Supply, Corpus Christi, Texas H50%, L10%, SW25%, T5%, J5%, F5% $19.80 $19.00 26 SEFA
75 Commercial Kitchen Supply, Centerville, Utah H70%, L20%, SW5%, F5% $19.36 $17.14 n/a PRIDE
76 Deacon Foodservice Solutions LLC, Charlotte, N.C. H79%, L7%, SW9%, F5% $18.98 $15.95 6 PRIDE
77 Atlas Restaurant Supply, South Bend, Ind. H15%, L15%, SW15%, T15%, P/D25%, J10%, F5% $18.62 $14.58 21 NAFED
78 Dean Supply Co., Cleveland H7%, L5%, SW8%, T8%, P/D57%, J15% $18.50 $18.00 11 PRIDE, TUG
79 Serv-U, Champaign, Ill. $18.00 $16.00 n/a SEFA
80 International Restaurant Distributors, Apoka, Fla. H70%, L10%, SW8%, T2%, F10% $17.87 $15.54 8 NAFED
81 Roses Equipment and Supply $17.83* $15.24 n/a PRIDE
82 Bar Boy Products Co. Inc., Farmingdale, N.Y. H30%, L8%, SW25%, T12%, P/D15%, J5%, F5% $17.52 $16.91 19 NAFED, United Group
83 MAP Restaurant Supplies, Newark, N.J. H50%, L9%, SW14%, T7%, P/D10%, J7%, F3% $16.94 $11.21 7 NAFED
84 Alack Culinary, Hammond, La. $16.85* $14.40* n/a CPG, XYZ
85 Economy Restaurant Equipment & Supply Co., San Marcos, Calif. H65%, L25%, SW5%, F5% $16.34 $15.81 11 SEFA
86 Carnegie Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Altoona, PA $16.26* $13.90* n/a NAFED
87 MPM Food Equipment Group, Inc., Wheeling, Ill. H99%, L1% $15.92 $13.77 10 PRIDE
88 Curtis Restaurant Supply, Tulsa, Okla. H50%, L17%, SW23%, T6%, P/D1%, J2%, F1% $15.85 $16.37 11 NAFED
89 USA Equipment Direct, Peachtree Corner, GA H60%, L10% SW10%, T10%, J5%, F5% $15.50 $14.98 10 PRIDE
90 FRS Inc, Charleston, S.C. H57%, L10%, SW18%, T3%, P/D2%, J7%, F3% $14.70 $12.60 16 NAFED
91 Trendco Supply Inc., Batavia, Ohio H15%, L6%, SW5%, T3%, P/D60%, J6%, F5% $14.65 $19.11 16 EXCELL
92 Harbour Food Service Equipment Inc., Chelsea, Mass. H55%, L8%, SW9%, T22%, P/D1%, J1%, F4% $14.50 $12.20 8 SEFA
93 Castino Restaurant Equipment & Supply Inc., Rohnert Park, Calif. H54.6%, L23%, SW10.8%, T6.5%, P/D.1%, J2.5%, F2.5% $14.30 $9.33 8 PRIDE
94 DEI Foodservice Equipment & Design, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. H70%, L25%, F5% $13.90 $12.28 10 PRIDE
95 Consolidated Food Equipment Distributors LLC (CFED), Akron, Ohio H85%, L10%, F5% $13.61 $15.27 12 EXCELL
96 Curran-Taylor Inc., Canonsburg, Pa. H66%, L11%, SW22%, T1% $12.54 $9.46 14 PRIDE
97 Elite Restaurant Equipment, Newark, N.J. H78%, L10%, SW4%, T3%, J1%, F4% $10.50 $10.00 5
98 Hotel Supply Warehouse, Deerfield Beach, Fla. H50%, L15%, SW15%, T10%, J5%, F5% $10.22 $10.70 5 PRIDE
99 The Kitchen Guys, New Orleans H75%, L20%, F5% $6.00 $5.90 2 ISE, NAFED
100 A-Tex Restaurant Supply, San Angleo, Texas H50%, L15%, SW12%, T10%, P/D1%, J4%, F8% $5.87 $5.38 6 PRIDE