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Service Tips: Convection Ovens

The convection oven is the workhorse of many commercial kitchens.

The fan blowing hot air around the cooking chamber shortens cooking times and produces crisp crusts on breads and other baked goods. Follow these five tips to keep your unit working properly.

  • Don't hang heavy items on the oven's door. This can damage the hinges, allowing heat to escape and throwing off cooking times. A badly damaged hinge can even take an oven offline entirely.
  • Keep a constant eye on the door seal to make sure it is not damaged and effectively keeping in the heat.
  • If the door seals properly but the food isn't cooking as it should, the unit may require some recalibration. Call a service agent to check the thermostat and any temperature probes and programmed bake settings.
  • To work properly, a convection oven needs a clean air intake. Remove and clean the intake fan regularly (following the manufacturer's guidelines). Clean and remove any obstructions from the flue at this time, as well.
  • Operators should perform a basic cleaning daily, and more thorough cleaning of their oven at least once a month.