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Service Pro Q&A: Induction Ranges

Service Q&A: George Loredo, service manager, PROTEX Restaurant Services, Inc., Corpus Christi, Texas

FE&S: What are the basic maintenance requirements with induction ranges?

GL: Induction ranges must be kept clean and free from food debris. The underside may have an air intake filter that should be inspected and cleaned in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Also, the air intake and exhaust should be cleaned regularly to ensure proper cooling of the unit’s internal components. Finally, the tempered glass cooking surface can be wiped clean with mild hand dishwashing detergent.

FE&S: Are there environmental recommendations for induction ranges?

GL: Operators should use these appliances in an
ambient environment less than 104 degrees F.
Induction cookers have ventilation and intake ports designed to keep the internal electronics cool but these need to be kept clean
and unobstructed.

FE&S: What should operators be aware of in terms of pans with these units?

GL: Induction-ready pans with even bottoms should always be used. Uneven pans will not cook evenly and may damage the cooktop.

FE&S: Are there other factors to keep in mind when positioning induction ranges in the back of the house?

GL: Operators should avoid using these ranges in close proximity to high grease- or moisture-producing appliances.