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Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Commercial foodservice operators can ramp up revenue by offering frozen alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The carbonated frozen beverages combine syrup, water and CO2 to create a variety of flavored slushies. In contrast, non-carbonated frozen beverages combine flavorings, water and other ingredients to produce frozen lemonade, cappuccino, cocktails, smoothies and other beverages.

Frozen beverage dispensers come in a variety of sizes ranging from floor to countertop use. In terms of size, this equipment goes from 10 inches up to 26 inches wide and will have either short or long barrel designs.

Manufacturers categorize frozen beverage units by number of barrels, capacity and hopper size. Generally, frozen beverage dispensers in the slush category offer one or two flavors, while frozen carbonated units have two, three or four dispenser heads. Most frozen beverage units can produce between 80 and 120 frozen beverages per hour. Standard components of this equipment include a compressor, motor, auger, spigot, hopper and cabinets. In terms of clearances, frozen beverage machines typically require 6 inches in the back and 12 inches on each side for proper air flow.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, operators should clean the dispenser’s air filter at least once a month. Semi-annually, have a qualified service technician sanitize the unit and inspect the blades for wear. Clean the syrup connections at least once every six months or prior to changing the syrup types.

With proper maintenance, frozen beverage dispensers have an average service life between 8 and 10 years.