The Impact of Service on Total Cost of Ownership and More

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August 13, 2015

The Impact of Service on Total Cost of Ownership

Purchase price represents but one element in calculating this important metric. For a piece of equipment to truly live up to its efficiency promise, regular and well-thought-out maintenance becomes necessary. To help shed some light on the role of service and maintenance when it comes to total cost of ownership, FE&S caught up with Paul Toukatly of Duffy’s Equipment Service, a Sauquoit, N.Y.-based service agent. Toukatly also serves as president of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association.

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New Trends Increase Strain on School Kitchens

As the school year begins, kitchens face stress from recent trends, such as new nutritional requirements and more students eating cafeteria-prepared meals. The school breakfast program is also rising in popularity. Find out how you can prepare for the additional strain on school kitchens, so you’ll be ready for any unexpected challenges.

Service Tips for Steamers

While combi ovens have taken the place of steamers in some operations, they can and do play an important role in many professional kitchens. Here are some tips to keeping your steamer running well.

Product Knowledge Guide: Cleaning and Maintenance of Ventilation Hoods

Cleaning and Maintenance Q&A with Tom Gloster, field supervisor, Alpro Service Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Green Tip: Researching the Kitchen of the Future

The kitchen of the future has long been a topic of discussion for David Zabrowski of PG&E’s Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) and Don Fisher of Fisher Consulting. This modern day cookline, they say, would feature all energy- and water-saving appliances as well as optimal design, enhanced operator education and maintenance that could get us closer to the unthinkable in our industry: net zero energy.

Product Knowledge Guide: Cleaning and Maintenance of Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Cleaning and Maintenance Q&A with Dan Varnes, service agent, CCSE, Knoxville, Tenn.

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