Top Achievers

Top Achievers are award-worthy personalities with a single common trait: an unflinching ability to provide value on the customer’s terms.


FE&S' 2017 Top Achievers

All of our 2017 Top Achievers possess exemplary leadership qualities: a rock-solid moral compass, steadfast determination, and an attitude that inspires. Their influence reaches all corners of the foodservice industry.

Join us as we celebrate their accomplishments to date — we look forward to keeping an eye on how they impact their companies and the industry in the future.

Top Achiever — Dealer: David Ellingson, Bargreen Ellingson

While above-market growth points directly to his success growing the family business, Ellingson’s guide marker gears more toward culture as the primary measure of achievement.

Top Achiever — Consultant: Beth Kuczera, Equipment Dynamics Inc.

A self-described good translator, Kuczera meshes visions with realities to ensure that form and function coexist and that they also come together to create flawless workflow efficiency.

Top Achiever — Service Agent: Paul Toukatly, Duffy’s Equipment Service

A change leader on multiple levels, Toukatly reshaped his company’s operations to meet changing service expectations.

Top Achiever — Manufacturers’ Rep: Stacey Stahl, Ritten Associates Inc.

A problem solver to the core, Stahl routinely tackles a multitude of complex projects with an incomparable commitment to detail.