Independent Restaurants with a Check Average of Less Than $30 per Person
First Place: Ranger Café at West Shore Career Technical, Lakewood, Ohio

Lkwd-HS-99_print-fileSpecifying Team: Chef Robert W. McGorray, culinary arts, Prostart instructor; Devon Sharasky, culinary arts, Prostart instructor; Linda Thayer, career technical director, West Shore Career Technical District; Kimberley Hesseman, CFSP, sales representative, TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland; and Anne Ladd, CFSP, director of merchandising, TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland

China: Churchill (Infinity)

Flatware: Walco (Prim)

Glassware: Libbey (Inverness)

Accessories: Libbey (glass ramekin), American Metalcraft (accessory cup, bread basket, hammered vase and sugar packet holder), GET (3 oz. clear plastic creamer)

Why It Won: From the wood on the tables to the purple napkins, this tabletop installation coordinates very well with this restaurant. The deeply embossed china pattern works well with the subtly lined flatware, while the ramekins and other glass items do a nice job of rounding out the tabletop. While this type of restaurant is not what our judges would expect to find in a high school, the tabletop certainly is a good example for an operation of this kind.