Tabletop Awards

Recognizing excellence in the strategic and functional application of tabletop design.


On-site First Place: Falcons Landing, Sterling, Va.

Specifying Team: Bob Besserer, dining services director, Falcons Landing; Phil Bryan, dealer sales rep, Edward Don & Co.; Chris Clunk, manufacturer’s representative (Steelite), Capital Hospitality; Eric Bartunek, eastern regional sales manager, Spring USA; and Jeffrey Potter, executive chef, Falcons Landing

Dinnerware: Steelite (Craft and Terramesa)

Glassware: Cardinal (Cabernet)

Flatware: Browne (Eclipse) and Oneida (Mascagani)

Accessories: Garnier/Hilden and Spring (Seasons)

Why it Won: Although this is an on-site foodservice operation, the tabletop provides a certain elegance normally found in other foodservice segments. The earth tones found in the china nicely compliment the interior design. The individual pieces work well together to create a warm and inviting tabletop.



Photographs courtesy of Frogman Interactive