Independent Restaurant with a Per Person Average of More Than $30, Honorable Mention: Churrascos, Houston

ChurrascosSpecifying Team: David Cordua, corporate executive chef, Cordua Restaurants; Steve Morice, corporate chef, Cordua Restaurants; Mark Sass, sales representative-smallwares, E-Source; Rob Jacobs, sales representative, Edward Don & Co.

Dinnerware: Steelite (Craft and Taste)

Flatware: Bon Chef (Manhattan)

Glassware: Steelite (Electra)

Accessories: Diversified Ceramics

Worth Mentioning: This tabletop uses a diverse collection of items to create unique food presentations. The wood-topped table fits the restaurant's rustic textures and modern spaces well. The use of various items made for a visually engaging tabletop that elevates the presentation of this Latin-American menu. The way they presented the food, some of the plates served as a placemats.