Independent Restaurant with a Per Person Check Average of Less than $30, Honorable Mention: Meso Maya, Dallas

Meso MayaSpecifying Team: Mary Beth Miller, sales representative, Steelite; Al Parcell, sales rep, Edward Don & Co.;Nico Sanchez, corporate chef, Meso Maya; Mike Karns, owner, Meso Maya

Dinnerware: Dudson (Evolution) and Steelite (Craft and Taste)

Flatware: Bon Chef (Sombrero Brush)

Glassware: Libbey (Endeavor and Hammered Cooler)

Accessories: Front of the House

Worth Mentioning: This tabletop brings together a variety of details to create a continuous presentation that ties in well with the restaurant's decor. The china supports the decor pretty well. The margarita presentation ties together with the rim of the plate using colored salt. The hammered copper pots on the tables are a
nice touch.