Club and Resort, First Place: Philadelphia Country Club, Philadelphia, Pa.

Photo By Brenda Frezeman, Singer Equipment Co.tSpecifying Team: Janine Budzius, general manager, Philadelphia Country Club; Linda Caine, director of food and beverage, Philadelphia Country Club; Alison Faust, sales associate, Singer Equipment Co.; Karen Shomper, sales associate, Singer Equipment Co.; Julie Peters, manufacturer's rep, Tabletop Marketing

Dinnerware: Homer Laughlin (Custom Gold Abbey)

Glassware: Libbey (Vina)

Accessories: Sambonet, Waterford Crystal (Lismore), World Tableware International (Kings Cutlery)

Why it Won: This epitomizes what a country club tabletop should look like, which is uncommon in this market segment today. The tabletop installation supports the operation's goal of balancing the need to have a more old-school presentation while remaining appealing to diners who want a more casual experience. From the chairs to the linens to the individual tabletop items everything works well together. The ornately decorated flatware gives this a classic look.