Club and Resort, Honorable Mention: Frisco Gun Club Frisco, Texas


Frisco Gun ClubSpecifying Team: Trac Mueller, senior business development manager, RW Smith & Co.; Charley Turo, senior business development manager, RW Smith & Co; Christian Putnam, owner, Frisco Gun Club; Scott Romano, executive chef, Frisco Gun Club

Dinnerware: RW Smith & Co. (Venue)

Flatware: Corby Hall (Troon)

Glassware: Cardinal (Cabernet) and RW Smith & Co.

Accessories: Churchill (Alchemy, Acacia Wood), American Metalcraft, Risch menus. Myco Tableware (New Wave)

Worth Mentioning: The picture really says it all. The large stone fireplace and wood accents set the tone for a warm, rustic room and the tabletop consisting of strong but not overpowering items blends nicely into the atmosphere this club was looking to establish.