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Keeping It Clean

Oven cleaning can be a cumbersome task, and units used in non-commercial kitchens are no exception.

For commercial foodservice equipment manufacturer Welbilt, parent company of the well-known oven brands Lincoln, Merrychef and Convotherm, the goal was to partner with a cleaning chemical provider to make its customers’ lives easier while saving them money. After all, when it comes to cleaning, it’s the end user experience that matters most.

Magnus Chemical cleaning products are part of Welbilt’s recommended maintenance practices, minimizing service calls and downtime.

Traditional oven cleaning products not only tend to be pricey but require a great deal of manpower to work effectively. In addition, the caustic nature of the chemicals can be damaging to ovens, potentially increasing downtime and compromising the units’ service life.

Unlike commercial kitchens, non-commercial applications such as schools and contract feeders are less likely to employ experienced staff well-versed on the importance of oven cleanliness. For this reason, Welbilt was seeking cleaning products that reduced labor, yet were food safe and, most importantly, effective. The solution also had to be safe for the equipment and lead to a better end product overall.

Welbilt saw the benefit of Magnus Chemical’s cleaning products and decided to put these to the test with a few of its chain clients. The company quickly discovered that the solutions had formulations that were robust, while saving the customer money.

Magnus Chemical’s U.S. manufacturing meant that there was no longer a need to ship cleaning solutions overseas, which saved on fuel costs as well as was beneficial to the environment overall. In fact, by leveraging the power of concentrates in as many of its products as possible, Magnus Chemical not only has reduced its packaging, but also limited its environmental impact by incorporating recycled packaging into its boxes and containers.

The feedback from customers using Lincoln, Convotherm and Merrychef ovens has been overwhelmingly positive.

On Merrychef high speed ovens, the rubber door seals and metal catalysts had been susceptible to damage from harsh cleaning chemical exposure, resulting in costly repairs.

Convotherm combi ovens were faced with challenging cleaning tasks due to heavy soil loads that are common with these units. Now, with Magnus Chemical products, the ovens are clean on the first pass through. This not only enhances performance, but also encourages regular cleaning due to the sparkling results.

For Lincoln conveyor ovens, the challenge was finding the most safe and effective cleaner for its conveyor oven fingers. Magnus Chemical cleaning products were found to more effectively remove cooking proteins and pizza ingredients from these components. This clean cooking environment produces a higher quality product.

The cleaning solutions not only do a great job with less labor but are more affordable. This makes them a great option for service agents to recommend to end users. Not only will Magnus Chemical products minimize service calls, but they also can decrease downtime and the potential for lost profits in non-commercial foodservice applications.

In today’s environment, where limited chemical exposure is key, implementing a product that is not only safe, but also works the first time, is a win-win for everyone.

Heritage Parts is your Magnus Chemical solutions provider as part of Welbilt’s recommended maintenance practices.